Friday March 9, 2018

There was nice maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch of wet snow covering everything this morning. Most of it melted off a couple of hours later. We have blue skies, temperatures in the low 40’s and wind.

Today is a very hard day for me emotionally. Ben and his son Paul arrived around 11am to pack up the science kit stuff. They drove down yesterday from PA. This morning they picked up the U Haul from our local supplier and will head back tomorrow.. Frances and Al came up yesterday.

I am so very happy I found someone wanting to continue the business for Bob. I will be helping with the transition as much as I can answering questions, etc.

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5 Responses to Friday March 9, 2018

  1. DadCooks says:

    Prayers for peace and strength. You and Bob created legacy that has touched many people and will continue for many many years. Bless you.

  2. RickH says:

    Huzzah for being strong! Difficult to do, but Huzzah! for doing it.

  3. Dave says:

    I am glad you found a buyer for the science kit business. I think the science kit business is a wonderful thing, almost so wonderful that I was thinking about buying it when I heard you already had a buyer. I’m looking forward to doing the biology and chemistry kits with my daughter in a few years. Also I’m interested in getting a forensic science kit for my own knowledge if I can find the time.

    In short I think the science kit business will help a lot of young people learn more about science, and it be a significant portion of Bob’s legacy in making the world a better place. A smaller, but very important part to me of his legacy will be that he has made me think a lot over the years.

    My prayers are with you in this difficult time.

  4. Ed says:

    It’s nice to hear that Bobs work is being carried on, but watching it go out your door certainly must be tough. Kudos to you carrying on,

    I envy your snow – just sprinkles around here. Spent yesterday repotting some small tress. Hard to believe it’s March.

    Someone gave me 48 Aleppo pine seedlings after Christmas- I think they were meant originally as decorative & disposable and were $5 for 24 after the holiday.

    They were pretty root bound, but we will see.

  5. lynn says:

    Congratulations ! You are blessing both the sellers and the buyers of the Home Scientists kit business. And hopefully you got some bucks out of the deal.

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