Sunday April 1, 2018

Frances and Al left after lunch for home. I pulled out the vacuum cleaner to do a quick run through the house to pick up dog hair, etc.; cleaned the bathrooms, and finished up some paperwork at my desk.

When Al and Frances are here I get a bit of a vacation. Al feeds Colin, takes him out for play times and potty breaks; and fills, runs, and empties the dish washer among other projects we are working on. Frances cooks meals, fixes lunches, and also helps with the projects.

In loosing Bob I not only lost my best friend and soul mate but also my helpmate. Although I did the yard work in Winston and the house cleaning Bob was always hard at work either writing, doing kit stuff or something. Up here, he did a lot of the indoor duties in the kitchen plus helping with Colin and other small stuff. I am on 24/7 with house and dog duties plus making all the decisions with no one to discuss things with but Colin. Frances and Al help a lot with that aspect but some things I have to decide for myself. I have a lot of support from them and friends locally, in Winston, and cyber land.

Onward and upward, one step at a time. Or some days, one step forward, two steps back.



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  1. nick flandrey says:

    It sounds like you are doing OK Barbara, it’s all any of us can do.

    If push came to shove, I’d cut back on cleaning the house 🙂 Since I’m home all day, I do most of it, and some days I just don’t get there. I try to run the vac every 3 days or sooner if I notice stuff drifting in corners. I do the counters every 3-4 days, just wiping on normal days around whatever is sitting on them. We have a service that comes in every other week and does bathrooms, floors, and any other ‘wet’ cleaning. That leave me to mostly just do straightening and picking up.

    If you like it, or it’s satisfying, or comforting, by all means do it. But if it’s overwhelming, or keeping you from other things, it’s ok to let stuff go a little longer.


    added- ‘course I’ve got a short haired dog, and he’s small, and the hair is black and less noticeable. On the other hand, I’ve got 3 females with longish blond hair, and that IS noticeable 🙂

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