Thursday May 10, 2018

The Shaw Brothers plumber, Hershel, showed up around 8 to fix the broken connector that stops up the downstairs sink and the one up here in this bath that was running slow. After he left I started working on some projects in the garage. I finally organized the shelves that hold the tape, screws, nails, etc. containers. Between Bob’s and myself plus a couple I inherited from dad I now have an abundance of tools and tool boxes. I finally got around to outfitting one with an assortment of tools to keep downstairs.

After lunch I took a shower and headed in to town for the bank and the grocery store. It’s been partly cloudy and windy all day. When I came back out storm clouds rolled in but it wasn’t raining yet. I had just finished putting up the groceries when James showed up to mow. He had just come from town and said it poured down where he was and it looked like it was getting ready to do the same here. I told him to come up on the porch to sit and wait out the storm. It rained a little and thundered a couple of times but now the sun has come out. With the 20 to 30 mph winds the grass will dry quick enough for him mow.


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