Saturday May 12, 2018

We have a beautiful day; 80’s and sunny with 10 to 15 mph winds. I started the morning outside watering and fertilizing the garden and the potted and bedding plants.  I finished up with that project and sat on the porch for awhile enjoying the nice weather.

Mid-morning I needed something from the downstairs. While I was down there I  decided to go ahead and vacuum, dust, and clean that bathroom.

After lunch I drove into town to get a book on hold at the library and let Colin go along for a ride. Our newspaper delivery is weird. No paper at the house today but the stand at the post office had papers. I think the person that delivers the papers up here to the home delivery person must drop off a paper at the library and fill the stand at the post office. Those two places always have a paper even if I don’t get one. Wish we could find a reliable carrier up here.

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  1. DadCooks says:

    Times have certainly changed. Used to be it was some kid that you knew who delivered the paper, no matter what. He/she earned good regular tip and something extra at Christmas. Sadly no more. And the papers wonder why subscribership has declined to a small fraction of what it used to be.

    I bet Colin enjoyed his road trip.

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