Saturday June 9, 2018

I decided this morning to go ahead and water the garden with the forecast for today of only a 20% chance of rain with a possibility of scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Hah! (see below)I also harvested the lettuce from the deck pots. It’s getting pretty hot for lettuce, especially on the deck with the afternoon, evening sun. I replaced the lettuce in all but two pots with some more of the varied colored carrots we planted in the garden to see how they do in the pots. They are fabric 7 gallon pots Bob ordered from 247Garden. They are great for the deck and have enough depth for the carrots if they decide to grow.

After I finished up those projects I took off for Galax to go to Lowe’s and Wal-Mart. I picked up a big bag of garden soil and two bags of mulch plus two 40 pound bags of black sunflower seed for the birds. Back home ,while eating lunch, the skies were getting darker. I checked the radar, nothing nearby. I headed outside to add the soil and mulch to the flower bed we dug out in front of the sidewalk last year. The bed is a bit shallow without a lot of soil base under the mulch we put out last year. Hopefully it that will help to hold the moisture better for the bedding plants.

No sooner did I get finished then the bottom fell out. It’s pouring buckets along with some thunder. So much for needing to water. Colin is currently hiding under my desk for protection. I’ll call it a day for the outside chores and start a load of laundry as soon as this storms passes.

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