Wednesday June 20, 2018

Today was a Winston trip day. I left around 9 this morning. I took the two lane road, hwy 67 instead of the interstate since it brings me into the side of town I needed to be on to go by the beer distributor warehouse to pick up the beer donated for the golf tournament on Friday. From there I headed on into Winston to run another errand before my 11:30 haircut appointment.

From there I stopped at Costco for gas then headed downtown for a late lunch with Tina and Lori from the Firm. From town it’s about as quick to go back home 67 as it is to go back across Winston to get to 421 the four lane route, especially at 2 pm in the afternoon.

It was 97 degrees in Winston when I left downtown. I hit a brief down pour just outside of Winston dropping the temperature down to 77. By the time I was 20 miles up the road it was back up to 95 until I started up the mountain. It’s 83 up here with a breeze and lots of sunshine.

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