Monday July 9, 2018

Another beautiful day in the mountains. Temperatures in the low 80’s, breezy, clear blue skies, and low humidity.

I found a guy that lives nearby who traps. Last night he brought down a live trap cage and baited it with KFC. Last night when I took Colin out at 10:30 he was in there but it was too late at night to call him.

I was up at 6 am to check to see if the raccoon was still in the trap. By this morning he had dug is way out from the bottom where the trap lay enough to turn the cage over and get out. I called him told him what happened, fed Colin and me breakfast, and headed to the gym.

Al drove up this morning from Winston to dig the rest of the potatoes. I kept some of the potatoes but gave him most of the bucket full plus the beans, zucchini, and cucumbers I picked yesterday. There will be more zucchini and beans ready to pick by the weekend for me to cook up.  We finished up the garden stuff then sat on the porch for awhile enjoying the nice day before he headed back down the mountain.

I showered and went back into town to pick up a book at the library, stop at the bank, and do a quick grocery store run to pick up milk and salad stuff.

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