Thursday August 2, 2018

Gym and grocery store this morning. We had a good soaking rain over night bringing the two day total to about an inch. When I came out of the store it looked like it was going to pour down rain.

I quickly put the cold stuff away and went out to the garden. There were several very ripe tomatoes that did not have rotten ends that needed picked. I also picked a very large cucumber, three zucchini, a squash, beans and pulled up two decent sized orange carrots. I called my neighbor who stopped by and took the tomatoes, two of the zucchini, the carrots, and the cucumber. We also planted some purple and white carrots but I did not pull those up yet. I prefer the odd colored carrots to the orange ones.

I washed, snapped, and cooked the beans while I ate lunch, cooked rice for stir fry for dinner, and cleaned up the kitchen while all that was going on.

So far, no rain but we are still under flash flood watch for potential heavy downpours. It all depends on where you live as to what you will get.

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