Thursday August 9, 2018

Bath day for Colin. He keeps his paws and legs, and “other places” he can reach very clean; much like a cat. But, his back and head fur needs bathing once in awhile. I hate doing it outside with the hose and cold water. He is terrified but I finally am able to wrestle his 75 pounds into the walk in shower. Once in there he is pretty good about letting me get him soaped up and rinsed. He is shedding a lot right now and scratching which means it was time. Fortunately, he only gets a bath every few months. It’s a full aerobic work out for me.

And, the bathroom itself gets a good washing down as well once he comes out of the shower and shakes water all over the bathroom. It takes me half an hour to clean up the water and hair all over the shower, the cabinets, and the floor.


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