I took today and tomorrow off to use up some of my carry over days that I must use by the end of March. This morning I caught up my ironing then Bob and I went over to Home Depot. He needed to pick up some stuff for the kits and we needed to get a new grill. I am pretty sure the current one, a Sunbeam, we bought back in the late 1990’s or early 2000. We have replaced the burners at least twice. It has finally gotten past the repairable stage. We bought the small two burner Brinkman. I don’t need all the fancy side burners or one of those big fancy gourmet jobs. Just something big enough to throw ¬†on a couple of steaks and/or chicken or some ribs.

Otherwise, I will spend the day doing kit stuff for Bob. I have already dis-assembled a box of small dropper bottles and taped and labeled a set he filled yesterday afternoon. I think we have some filling and labeling to do this afternoon.

It’s a rather gray and cloudy day with a few spotty showers here and there. Once the sun comes out this afternoon I will take Colin out for some playtime.

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