Wednesday September 12, 2018

Gym this morning than back home, shower, and back to work 11 – 4.

I just checked Hurricane Florence’s position. She has shifted a little bit left at this point coming inĀ  more toward the NC/SC state line. Should that position hold we could see a bit more wind and rain if she turns north once she hits land. If she comes in higher and turns north we will not be as affected.

No matter, I am well prepared. I have food, water, and as readers know on Bob’s site; plenty of flashlights. It’s just me and Colin to handle things as it was earlier in the year during the winter and all the snow after I lost Bob. I have folks I can call on if I need help with anything but all should be well if we have to ride out any major weather issues. I kept all his emergency non-food item prep stuff that I know how to use or could figure out if need be.


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