Wednesday October 3, 2018

A trip down to Winston today. I left a little after 8 to give me time to run some errands before my 10:30 haircut appointment. I had one more errand to get done before meeting the girls for lunch up town at our usual place, Jeffrey Adams. From there it was back up the mountain getting home a little before 3.

The weather in Winston was sunny and hot with temperatures in the upper 80’s. It was 61 when I left here this morning and is in the upper 70’s with low humidity and no breeze this afternoon.

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  1. Ed says:

    It sounds nice there.

    Rain showers passing through the high desert here in California as well – first in months.

    Naturally I am in the process of trying to paint the eaves on the house…

    Ah well, it’ll pass soon.

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