Saturday October 13, 2018

It was 47 degrees this morning when I took Colin with a heavy, overcast sky, and 10 to 15 mph winds. I put a meal in the slow cooker, read the paper, and did a few odds and ends until mid-morning to see if the the sun would come out as promised. With temperatures lower 50’s and the wind it’s not an ideal day to be outside but the sun did finally come out.

After two days of being indoors from the weather and working yesterday I was ready to get some outdoor time myself. Colin and I dumped a few more of the potted plants that are done for the year, did some weeding, and played some ball. This afternoon I need to out and pick up some of the black walnuts all over the ground and throw them in the woods for the squirrels. It’s like walking on a mine field. Last year I was keeping them picked up in buckets for a guy that wanted them but he did want them this year so I’ve been slack about keeping up with them as they fall.

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