Friday October 26, 2018

Gym and grocery store this morning, home, and back to the gym to work my shift.

I was 38 degrees and raining this morning when we went out. It has rained steadily all day. The temperature made it up to 43 for a high with a low tonight of 40. We’ve had about 2.5 inches with rain continuing today but it should be out of here by tomorrow morning.

Even though it’s been chilly I had not turned the heat on. Bob and I were opposites when it came to comfortable temperatures. I like 68 in the winter and 74 in the summer. He was always cold so we compromised at 70 in winter and 75 in summer. Yesterday with the partly cloudy conditions the temperatures in here dropped to 63 so I finally turned on the heat yesterday afternoon knowing today would be damp and nasty.

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