Tuesday November 6, 2018

I spent roughly 45 minutes on the phone this morning getting signed up for Obama Care. Since I had to tell them not to renew the policy I was on under Bob and get enrolled for just me it was easier to do it all via phone instead of online. After he died I reported his death but stayed on his policy rather than try to enroll in a new plan with so much other stuff to handle at the time. Thankfully I turn 65 next year. And, speaking of Bob. It was one year ago yesterday he went into the hospital and was diagnosed with the heart condition.

By the time I finished all the enrollment stuff it was time to leave for the bookstore.

It was 56 and raining when we went out this morning. It’s rained off and on all day but the front is supposed to be out of here by this afternoon and clearing by tonight. It made it up to the mid 60’s this afternoon with a low tonight of only 41. Still pretty warm for November.

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