Saturday November 10, 2018

It was 31 degrees, sunny, and windy this morning when Colin and I went out.

Another trip down to Winston this morning. I made a quick Costco run to pick up a few things to restock the pantry and freezer. I then met Frances and Al at Lowe’s to get a generator. Ours was a Generac purchased in 1998. Bob had intended to get it set up to plug into a breakere to run the whole house but we never had it done. Thankfully! It was always hard to start so I knew I would never be able to get it started, it weighed a ton, and was not on wheels.

I wanted one with an electric starter, on wheels, and big enough to run the fridge and freezer. I can live without lights and a well pump but I do not want to loose all my food. I knew it would not fit in my car so I had Al and Frances meet me so Al could help me pick one out and put it in is truck. We left there and ran another errand before stopping for lunch. Then, I left for home while Al and Frances did a couple of things in Winston before heading to Sparta.

It was 51 and breezy in Winston. When I got back home it was only 37 degrees but sunny and felt like 24 with the wind. Low of 17 tonight. While I was waiting on Frances and Al I pulled up the lantana plants and cleaned up the flower bed since it will freeze everything tonight.

They stayed awhile then headed back down the mountain for home.


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