Thursday January 3, 2019

Gym this morning. It was 48 and cloudy when I took Colin out this morning.

Not much on the agenda for today so I decided to do a road trip. I drove over to West Jefferson to make a quick Wal-Mart stop to pick up a few odds and ends. From there I drove on over to Boone. My Subaru front fender has the holes drilled for a front plate but they are too far apart for standard American plates. I noticed some Subaru’s do not have the holes drilled for a plate.

North Carolina does not require a front plate but I had a NC lighthouses plate on my other car that I decided I wanted to put back on my new car. I did some online research and discovered you have to purchase a tag plate holder for a front plate.

Al stopped at the Subaru dealership in Winston, which is not a Modern Subaru but another dealership who I do not care to do business with. However, I was going to have him pick up the plate holder and bring it up. They told Al they would need the car in order to drill the holes and install the plate holder. I thanked Al for his troubles and told him I would call Modern in Boone . I They verified the front plate holder did not come standard, which was one of my questions, but they had them.

I could also use this as a test to see if I liked their service department. I do. They are very polite, did not take too long to install the plate holder and installed my plate, and did not charge and arm and a let to put it on. I will drive the extra 30 minutes when it comes time to do any service I need to have done.

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