Friday January 18, 2019

It was 36 this morning with mostly sunny skies and a breeze. I went to the gym this morning, back home, showered, and back to work my middle of the day shift. We did warm up into the low 40’s but the wind picked up making it feel a lot colder.

It’s to be another nasty weekend with a cold rain and possibly more white stuff. I spend a lot of my time doing crossword puzzles and adult color by number while watching TV. Thankfully my basic cable service has several UNC-TV channels with programs I really enjoy. I do watch several network shows which have started back up for the winter season. The best ones for me are the Chicago shows on Wednesday night, Blue Bloods, and Madam Secretary. In between I can usually find something on Netflix to binge watch. I have the basic streaming service which is only going up a couple of dollars. I do not find a lot to watch on Prime but once in awhile they do have something that interests me. As Bruce once sang “57 channels and nothing on.”


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2 Responses to Friday January 18, 2019

  1. Alan says:

    Some suggestions from Prime and Netflix (apologies if not genres you enjoy)…
    The Man in the High Castle
    The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    Jack Ryan
    The Wire
    The Sopranos
    Mad Men
    Breaking Bad
    House of Cards
    Line of Duty

  2. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    Thanks so much for the suggestions. Some of those I have watched or have re-watched several times. I will check into the others.

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