Monday March 4, 2019

27 degrees, cloudy, and windy with snow flurries. It’s now 28 degrees, cloudy and windy with snow flurries. With the wind chill we are down into the teens. Low tonight of 17.

I went to the gym and bank and stopped by the little market which is just up the road from the house.┬áHe just put on his sign out front he has seed potatoes. I stopped to see if he had kennebec’s. We grew them last year and they are delicious. I only need about 10 potatoes, not a 20lb bag. Thankfully he was selling them for .50 a pound for folks who only needed a small amount. They need to sit in the laundry room for a few weeks to warm up and sprout before they can go in the ground. It’s been too wet anyway. Hopefully by the end of March I can get them planted.

After lunch I went back into town for a Friends of the Library meeting.

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