I am taking the last of my carry over vacation days today. The weekends have been so busy this month. I was not expecting to have yard work this early in the year plus the usual house chores, visiting my folks, and helping Bob with the kit stuff. With last weekend pretty much a wash out I did not get the mowing and edging done.

This morning I ran out to Lowe’s and the pet store. Before I started on the yard I did a kit project for Bob. As I have mentioned before, doing that first edging of the year is brutal. The grass is so thick along the walk and curb plus the ground was still damp from all the rain. After I mowed I seeded and fertilized the area I sodded on Saturday. I used a bag of that easy seed that has the mulch, seed, and fertilizer all in one to fill in around the bare spot that I did not sod. It’s a really nice day to work outside. Cloudless blue sky, cool temperatures, and a slight breeze.

I think Bob needs help with Chemistry kit stuff this afternoon. Marcy is picking me up a little after five to go to dinner. We are meeting Frances at a new Italian place. She has been but we have not.


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