Monday March 25, 2019

47 degrees, partly sunny, and calm this morning when I left for the gym.

I’ve been having problems with my flip phone hookup to my car. I tried to fix it myself but never could get the phone and the car to talk even though the car and phone said they were connected.

Not having anything important to do today I made an appointment with Jody at Subaru, where I bought the car, in Boone for this afternoon. Subaru is just outside the Boone and the campus. It’s has gotten so big since I was there 40+ years ago. Anyway, I left in time to make a quick drive into Boone to see how things looked. I stopped at a Wendy’s for lunch since we don’t have one here and then on to my appointment. Jody had to uninstall the connection and reconnect from my phone to get things working again.

It was sunny here and warm down the mountain. Trees and bushes were in bloom. It started raining while I was in Boone and rained all the way home. It’s a nice drive with beautiful scenery with or without sunshine.

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