Wednesday March 27, 2019

30 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning. We had a fairly heavy frost last night which will not bother the potatoes. I left around 8:15 to head to Winston for a haircut and Costco run. On the way back up 421 I detoured slightly to make a stop at the Amish market.

I noticed going 77 south this morning to 421 part of the northbound 77 lanes were down to one lane. They have started some kind of road project, Coming back up 421 I noticed traffic was almost at the standstill where I get off to go north toward home.

After I left the Amish market I tried a new back way to keep from having to go back down and get on 77. It’s was a nice drive through mostly farming country. Anyway, I ended up where I needed to be to go through Elkin, get on 21, and back up the mountain.

My two scoops of mulch arrived while I was gone. I may go out an get started on that this afternoon. It’s only 47 but the sun is out and the wind is not blowing.

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