Wednesday April 10, 2019

55 degrees, sunny, and breezy this morning. After breakfast for both Colin and myself I took off for Galax, VA to get some errands taken care of. I had several things to get at both Lowe’s and Walmart. I also stopped at the Show Dept. store, which is just across from the Walmart, to pick up a new pair of New Balance shoes for the gym. Every couple of years I rotate out the pair I where only at the gym into everyday use. The worst of the everyday ones get relegated to yard/garden, etc.

I made it back home about 11:30. After lunch I unloaded the car then Colin and I spent several hours outside. Temperatures are in the upper 60’s with lots of sunshine and a bit of a breeze. It’s still too early to plant stuff but I had a few odds and ends to do. JoAnn came by so we spent awhile sitting on the front porch and enjoying the beautiful day.

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