Tuesday April 26, 2019

40 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning. I did a volunteer shift at the bookstore. JoAnn came by the bookstore to hang around until I got off so we could go to lunch.

When I got home James was here. He started working on this stump I had in the corner of the yard in the back. Based on the condition of the stump I would say the tree broke off 20 or more years ago. The stump was about 5 inches tall and rotting out  at the top and sides and looked terrible. He started on it last fall getting it sawed down to just a couple of feet high. It’s a very hard wood once he has gotten down to the bottom part that he can burn in his wood stove. He worked on it a bit more a month or so ago before it turned cold again.

Today is a beautiful day with temperatures in the mid 60’s, lots of sunshine and a breeze. He’s about finished getting it sawed up. I also had some brush from the last couple of storms that needed to be hauled off for him to get as well.

I had Colin out to play while James worked on the stump. Too pretty to be indoors.


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