Wednesday April 24, 2019

61 degrees, partly sunny, and calm this morning. I made a quick trip to Galax after breakfast to Lowe’s to pick up some bags of mulch, potting soil, peat moss, and top soil. I had a ten dollar off my total amount from my trip last week so I decided to go use it. Time to get ready for flower pot planting.

I spread the mulch over the top area where James took out the big stump then scooped up a wheel barrel load of pine needles from under the pines in the natural area and used those to trim out along the edge of the mulch down toward the fence line and the yard. Once it rains and settles the pine straw I will add another load to top it off. I may need to add a couple more bags of mulch once that settles before I put perennials in there.

After lunch I loaded up twelve boxes of the Latter Day Saints long term food that  I pulled out of the closet last weekend. I kept a couple of boxes each of the food I took over. Those boxes hold 6 #10 cans of food except for the powered milk. That is a lot of food, flour, and sugar that can go to folks that need it and I still have plenty for an emergency situation.

After I dropped off the food I had to stop by the bookstore to help Joyce unload four boxes of books she picked up from the library that go to the bookstore.

It’s another nice day. The sun came out and temperatures warmed up again into the mid 70’s with a breeze.

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