Saturday April 27, 2019

51 degrees, sunny, and windy. Today we had another Blue Ridge Parkway workday. The one today was an event held by the Park Service with clean up going on the entire 498 miles of the Parkway.

Our local chapter worked the Doughton Park Campground and Picnic areas again. The tent site areas we worked on a couple of weeks ago were in pretty good shape considering we’ve had at least two or three 50+ mph wind events since then. Not too many limbs and sticks down to haul off/pile up in those areas. We moved to another section of the tent camp area we did not touch last time. We worked from 9 to 12 then took a lunch break before heading down the Parkway to the picnic area. I worked a couple more hours before calling it a day. That area needed a lot of work getting trees and limbs cleared from the picnic areas and the road that looped around the picnic area.

The winds last night were at least in the upper 50 range. They had subsided some by this morning but they are still blowing 15 to 20 with temperatures in the low 60’s. At least we have lots of sunshine and blue skies. Time for a shower and do a load of laundry.

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