Sunday May 5, 2019

Frances and I had a potting party yesterday afternoon while Al worked on moving two of my indoor plants to bigger pots. The Philodendron needed a lot of work including a new stake Al had to cut. The rain held off until it was time to quite for the day anyway and get showers to go out to dinner. We filled all the hanging pots and the ones that sit on the porch steps and most of the ones that went in the flower beds.

This morning it was raining with temperatures in the lower 60’s. We had a break in the rain around 9:30 to give us a chance to get the mulch spread where the stump used to be and plant a sweet potato vine and a couple of perennials that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

We cleaned up the garage from the potting project. I had just finished getting a the rest of the plants in the flower beds when we had another round of light rain move in.

The sun is trying to come out now. They headed back to Winston and I vacuumed the upstairs. Time for a shower and do a load of towels.

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