We do not get Friday or Monday for Easter so it was just another working day for me yesterday. I a lot of people take a PDO. There were maybe less than a third of the staff on our floor. It turns out last night there was a Fiddle and Bow concert at the Community Arts Theater downtown that I wanted to attend. I worked until about 5:10 then moved my car from the parking deck down to the other end of town where Bonnie and I were meeting at Foothills Brewery for dinner before the concert. The husband and wife duo, Little Windows, play a little of everything from Irish to Appalachian folk.

After a week of rain and storms today is just beautiful. Clear blue skies, 62 degrees, slight breeze, and lots of pollen. I did the grocery shopping this morning. While waiting on the grass to dry I used the blower to clear off the walkway and driveway covered in maple seeds and oak pods.

I have kit stuff to do for Bob this afternoon while I watch the Masters golf tournament.

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