Friday July 5, 2019

I am reading Sleeping Lady by Sue Henry.

68 degrees with clouds and fog when I left for the gym then home and back to work midday shift.

Did not get the raccoon. Trap was sprung and moved from where I had it placed. TC did not stop by last night to bring another trap. I may not bother to set the one I have tonight.

Sun and clouds all day with temperatures only to be in the low 80’s but it’s very humid. We had several storms with gully washing rains at the gym. The rain gauge here shows just half an inch.

Fireworks across the street again this year that went on from 10 until 11:30. Big, booming noisy fireworks. They should have stopped at 11 for those of us who wanted to go to sleep. Colin had a rough night starting at 9 when the little pops and whizzes started until the big show finally stopped.

I harvested a zucchini from the garden this morning to eat for dinner tonight with something?

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