Monday July 8, 2019

74  degree, partly cloudy, and breezy when I left for the gym this morning. I also worked my midday shift this afternoon.

The raccoon has been caught. We have been placing the trap on the sidewalk beside the house feeder. When I checked this morning the trap was laying about 15 feet in the yard on its side with the raccoon in there. There was one scratched up place where he rolled the trap from the sidewalk into the yard the first time and tried to dig out of it. He rolled it again another five feet but I guess gave up and just tried to dig out from that spot. I guess he had been able to get out of the other feeder but this one kept him in there. I would have liked to see him rolling that cage and trying to get free.

I called TC then took Colin out on a leash to keep him from going over to the trap. Hopefully no more raccoon problems for awhile.

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