Monday July 29, 2019

I am reading Red Right Returning by Charles B. McLane from my To-Be-Read shelf. I picked this book up on a bus trip to Maine 12 years ago. I often bought regional books when I traveled then put them on the shelf until the mood strikes me to read them. This one is a fictitious account of life on an Island off the coast of Maine just after WWII. The author tells the story  how the families live on the island, including of course, what is is like to be a lobster fisherman during that time period.

This morning Lou and Joyce came by to look at the books in our photography collection from back when Bob and I were first married and he was into that as a hobby. Lou took some for himself and some to donate to another cause. Joyce picked out the ones we could sell at the bookstore.

On the way to the gym to work my shift I dropped off the ones for the bookstore along with another stack of books from our astronomy collection. No need for this stuff to sit on the shelves unused when other folks can enjoy and or benefit from them.

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