Wednesday August 7, 2019

64 degrees and cloudy this morning when I left for the gym.

I’m home today doing various chores. I mentioned Sunday we picked all the apples we could reach. This morning I went to check on what was rotten or half eaten on the ground to gather up before James mows tomorrow. Most of the leaves have fallen off the tree early this year. I checked the tree and noticed a few still to be picked. I retrieved the picker and bucket from the garage and pulled off perhaps a dozen that were not eaten by worms or rotten. I will cook those up this afternoon to eat for dinner and freeze.

I pulled up the last two zucchini plants. All that is left in the garden is five hills of potatoes. I still have peas on the deck.

Cool and partly cloudy today with a good breeze at times with a slight chance of a thunder storm.

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