Saturday August 10, 2019

A beautiful morning with temperatures in the mid 70’s, lots of sunshine, and a slight breeze.

Although the temperatures was mild it was hot and humid working in the garden. I dug up the last of the potatoes then hoed a bucketful of the course grass that tries to take over. I then spread ten bags of garden soil working it in with the dirt rake to hopefully add some nutrients to the soil for next year.

I hoed the grass from the beds along the driveway and porch. I harvested enough peas from the two vines on the deck for a side for dinner tonight then dumped that dirt in the garden. I still have two pots with young pea plants that are just now coming up. Roughly two and half hours later I had everything cleaned up and put away and headed for the shower.

I washed and cut up about half the potatoes to go in the crock pot along with a package of chicken thighs for dinner tonight. Laundry and other assorted chores this afternoon.


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