Saturday September 14, 2019

I am reading A Forgiving Place by Charles Todd.

69 degrees and sunny this morning. We had a thunderstorm last night around 9 that lasted about an hour dropping an inch and half of rain.

This morning I drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to help Joyce man the Parkway Friends table at the Brinegar Cabin Day. It was foggy and damp. Last nights storm wrecked a couple of the tents that had been set up for today including ours. We shared the Blue Ridge Parkway tent that did not get damaged. They are the government side of the Parkway, we are the volunteer side, so it worked out well. It was foggy, damp, and drizzly all morning but when I left around 1:45 there had been over 100 people come by to see the crafts, the homemade apple butter making, and tour the garden.

Down off the Parkway where the elevation is high, it’s sunny, warm, and humid.

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