Saturday October 19, 2019

44 degrees and sunny this morning. Clouds and rain moving in this afternoon from hurricane Nestor. Temperatures are in the mid 50’s.

I worked downstairs about an hour and half this morning finishing up paint removal in the bedroom. Then Colin and I went outside to play ball and do a few gardening chores. I pulled the plants from a hanging pot on one of the shepherds crooks that was looking ugly. The frost did not get the vinca or the zinnia’s but the wind did. It tore the stalks and flattened the plants. I pulled all those up and ditched a couple of plants in pots on the steps that were finished.

By the time I finished those chores it was time for lunch. I have an assortment of indoor chores this afternoon while the clothes are washing and drying.

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  1. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

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