Wednesday November 6, 2019

I was up yesterday morning at 4:45 to finish drinking the last of the prep liquid by 6:45. After I showered, fed Colin, and got my stuff together I drove down to Winston to Frances and Al’s. Al took me to the gastroenteritis for the procedure. They have several outpatient clinics attached to their office locations. He sat in the waiting room until Frances got off work at 12:30 to be my ride home so that Al could leave to come up here to take care of Colin. I was actually finished and in recovery before Frances got there. She took me home and went back to work. When she got home we went out for dinner. All is well. Doctor not concerned about the one polyp. Follow up in five year.

I left Winston this morning around 6:45 for home. Al was leaving here about 7:15. After I ate breakfast I went to the gym as usual for my workout. It’s a beautiful day today with temperatures in the mid 50’s, lots of sunshine, and no wind. I have a few plants I need to cut back to the ground and get some leaves up out of the natural areas this afternoon.

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