I just arrived home from two hours in the dentist chair getting my temporary crown. All went well. He said he was going to numb me extra because of the work he had to do to prep for the temporary. He was not kidding.

I am reading a new author on my Kindle, Edie Claire.  Never Buried is the first book in her Leigh Koslow mystery series. Leigh, an out of work copy writer who lives in Pittsburgh, PA has moved in temporarily with her cousin, Cara, who is 7 months pregnant while Cara’s husband is out of the country. Leigh keeps getting laid off from her jobs due to closings and downsizing much to the dismay of her veterinarian father and overly anxious mother.

Cara lives in a large home overlooking the Ohio River. When Leigh discovers a dead body in Cara’s hammock she decides to spend her time investigating the murder rather than looking for yet another job

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