Monday December 16, 2019

I went to the gym for my workout then back home to let Colin out before heading over to Joyce’s house. She needed help loading a file cabinet in her car. We left her house for the bookstore. The filing cabinet was going in our annex. The bookstore is is part of what used to be sublet apartments. Our store is on one side and a consignment craft store is across the hallway. Behind the craft shop is part of what was another apartment when we have as our annex where we store extra books to be sorted, holiday stuff, etc. That room has one big room and two small rooms.

Joyce wanted to clean up and rearrange the back room we use for an “office” to put the filing cabinet. The next small room we also cleaned out/up and reorganized that area. We emptied several small boxes of odds and ends into big storage tubs and consolidated some other stuff. A big pile of junk went in her car to the dump/recycling center.

We took a break to go next door to eat lunch then went back to finish organizing and cleaning up the big room. We worked from 10 to 2 which included our lunch break. All told, it looks much better.



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