Sunday January 12, 2020

43 degrees, sunny, and calm. Luckily, no damage here from last nights storm. I took Colin out about 9 just before it hit bringing 60 mph winds, driving rain, thunder, and lightening. The rain total topped off to just under 5 inches from what fell all day yesterday and the storm. I went to bed to read around 9:30 but got up to check outside the front door and deck door periodically to check on things. The worst of the storm lasted about an hour rattling the rafters and shutters and pounding the side of house and deck door. Colin was good the whole time only getting frightened a couple of times when it thundered. Fortunately the winds rattling the house does not bother him any more.

I vacuumed and did a little dusting this morning then did a deep clean in the laundry room, the last room needing a good clean. This afternoon I’m going to mix up a batch of oat bars.

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