Saturday January 18, 2020

35 degrees and cloudy this morning. We were under inclement weather watch from 5 am this morning to 7 pm tonight.

I had made plans to meet Frances and Al in Winston earlier in the week. I put a load of cloths in to wash while waiting to see what the weather was going to do. By mid morning nothing fall and nothing on the radar. I called Frances and we decided to meet at one.

I want to replace my old desk. I wanted to meet them there so if I found something Al could haul it up in the truck. As is turns out they did not have anything I could use.

The desk is in the bedroom which limits the size to what I have or smaller. We left there and went down the road to Office Max where I found a nice one that is a bit smaller than this one but will work great. The caveat being Al and I will have to put it together.

We left Winston and stopped in Elkin to eat at a restaurant we had been wanting to try. We ate an early dinner then headed on up the mountain for home. It’s rained but the temps have stayed just above freezing.

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