Wednesday February 26, 2020

43 degrees and sunny this morning when I left for the gym. Clouds are rolling in this afternoon bringing rain turning to snow showers tonight.

I drove over to Galax, VA to make a Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, and shoe store stop. I needed routine pantry food items from Wal-Mart. There is a Shoe Dept. across from Wal-Mart that I like to shop in for my New Balance shoes. There was one in the mall in Winston requiring me to go there until I discovered the one in Galax.

I stopped in town on the way back home from Galax to pick up milk, salad greens, and apples. I prefer their fresh fruit and veggies.

I keep wondering what Bob would have to say about the new virus. When he died we had enough food in house to last a year. I have pared that down to stuff I like to eat but Colin and I have enough food and provisions to last more than a month if necessary. On that note, I also have a well stocked to-be-read shelf as well.

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  1. nick flandrey says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re planning to stay in. I’m sure Bob would have been going nuts. I know I am. I’m really glad that he convinced me to lengthen my planning horizon and get set for an extended period without outside support.

    I hope this fizzles out, but I can’t count on that, and it doesn’t look like it will.

    If nothing else, we’ll be feeling the effects on the world economy for a long time.

    I’m especially glad you are out of the city, and that you’ve make local friends.

    Stay safe and healthy,


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