Ironing and house cleaning this morning. This afternoon we finished packing the 18 chemistry  kits to be ready for shipment.

I have been reading A Poisoned Season by Tasha Alexander. This is the second book in her Lady Emily Ashton Victorian series. Recently widowed Emily doesn’t give a fig for ┬ásociety or the Season which makes her the gossip of London. Between her study of Greek and investigating murders does not help. This series is as good as the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series by Anne Perry. Instead of having a husband to is constantly trying to keep her out of danger, Emily has her love interest Colin Hargreaves who works for the Crown. If you like Perry you would like this series as well.
We have been having very cool, springlike weather the past couple of days. Low temperatures and humidity, clear blue skies, and breezy. I am grilling beef ribs tonight to go with pasta salad. Talk to the folks this morning. They are doing well.

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