Tuesday April 14, 2020

43 degrees, cloudy, and calm this morning. I drove over to West Jefferson this morning to Lowe’s. I needed gardening supplies; top soil, potting soil, a couple more small trellis, and peat moss for various upcoming projects. I found an N95 mask in among the others out in the garage and wore that and gloves.

There was only two people plus myself in the gardening area not counting the employees. I found everything I needed and headed back home.

I had a large hole in the front yard by the road where a pipe had been installed that ran under the road out the other side on the bank. Paul filled it in last year with dirt but over the winter it sank about 6 feet deep by six feet wide. James filled in the hole with wash rock and rolled over it with his truck to mash it down then filled that over with dirt.

I finished it off this morning with six bags of top soil, seed, and fertilizer. That should do the trick. Now I have the peat moss and potting soil I need to start my garden peas in the pots I put on the deck. I will save that project for another day after tonight’s cold front moves through.


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