Thursday May 28, 2020

Been an interesting day. Joyce picked me up at 7 to head to Winston- I had a 9 appointment with the spine center supposedly for injections. They did not have a doctor on hand to do them. The nurse practitioner called around and found a doctor in Elkin.

Joyce had a doctor appointment in Greensboro. The original plan was for Al to pick me up at the center and take me to their house. Joyce would call on her way back through Winston and we would meet up and she would bring me home. When my appointment went south Al picked me up the center, drove me to Elkin, where I had the shots then drove me home then turned around and went back down the mountain. I left voice mail for Joyce letting her know change of plans.

BTW, I had Donna come by and let Colin out at noon so he would not have a long day.

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