A very, very busy Monday. I usually go to lunch around 11:45 but today I was finally able to get a break around 12:30 when things slowed down enough to put things on hold until after lunch.

Last night I sat up until 10:30 watching the final round of the US Open golf tournament. It was being played in San Francisco. I am still now sure why the USGA waited until 12:10 local time to start the first group making the leaders not go off until 6:10 our time. Normally golf tournaments start around 8:00 to 8:30 if there are no weather delays. On the east coast that makes it around 3 when they come on the air with the leaders finishing up between 6 and 7. I guess they did that to make it start and finish during those times for the California TVĀ audienceĀ but it was still odd.

I was pulling for one of the tour veterans to win. Jim Furyk, who had the lead or share of the lead almost all week. However, when Webb Simpson, a graduate of our local university Wake Forest and the golf team went ahead I started pulling for him. Sure enough, he came from 6 strokes back to take the lead and held it in the clubhouse finishing two holes ahead of the leader. It was a very close, well played tournament.

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