Monday March 15, 2021

A few sprinkles over night and this morning. Partly cloudy and cool with temps in the upper 40’s.

Trip down to Winston to run a couple of errands and get a haircut. Trees and shrubs are blooming out down there with all the warm weather they’ve been having. Things here are still in hiatus though I do have a couple of crocus that bloomed that were not eaten by the moles and voles.

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  1. Chad says:

    I was always told it was the amount of sunlight trees get that cause them to lose their leaves in Autumn or bud in Spring. However, that doesn’t seem to hold up. Usually our trees our budding by now, but we had a late (really cold) cold spell and I think that slowed them down. Perhaps it’s a combination of sunlight, soil and air temps. I’ll google it one of these days.

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