Tuesday April 6, 2021

I am reading Word To The Wise by Jenn McKinlay.

Another beautiful day. I took advantage of the nice day to get a couple of small projects out of the way. First thing this morning I cleaned out the remaining seed in the house bird feeder on the pole then gave it a good cleaning out with the hose.

While that dried I went into town to pick up a can of spray paint and make an appointment to get the ding in my car fixed that I did accidentally on the way to the gym yesterday. The road to the gym is very narrow. At the sharp curve I moved over because a car was over the line a bit  and hit a large rock I did not see on the side of the road. I scratched and dented a place under the front door.

Back home I spray painted the feeder. After a break to rest my back and eat lunch it was back outside. I have a small metal dish that hangs on a short pole on three chains with a bird in the middle. I keep it filled with water for the birds and butterflies. I still had a small can of black enamel paint on hand. I touched up that and the two iron tables that sit on the front porch. Some of paint was peeling off showing the original white.


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