Wednesday April 21, 2021

Sunny and windy this morning with temps in the mid 50’s. That will be the high for the day. We gradually fall down into the upper 20’s by tonight with 45 mph wind gusts.

Trip down to Winston this morning was interesting. When I have an appointment I always leave early in the event of slow\stopped traffic. After living up here for five plus years I finally had to take the detour around hwy 21 that goes down the mountain,

I had no problems until I reached the intersection where the detour comes out. The young guy sitting in the volunteer fire truck sent me the wrong way. I had to back track and finally got headed back in the right direction to get back on 21.

Got to my haircut on time then met Nancy and Betsy for lunch. So good to see them again. Coming back the road is still closed. Must have been a bad accident since the guy told me this morning the road had already been closed for 4 hours. Now I know the detour route.

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