Monday May 10, 2021

Partly cloudy and…yes windy. May has been a very windy month so far. At least the temps are in the upper 60’s today but cooler weather is on the way.

I had to be at home this morning to wait on Billings to come do the spring check on the AC system and change the filters for me.

Once they left I pulled a few weeds; a never ending job. I moved a couple more of the stone crop ground cover plants around and swept off the porch.

After a break I planted some squash and Forget-Me-Not seeds in the little pots in the garage. We’ll see if we have any luck with those this year.


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1 Response to Monday May 10, 2021

  1. nick flandrey says:

    Hah, we’ve been running A/C since February here in Houston. I use the 3M ultra filters and I change them every month, even though they are supposed to be good for 3 months. They look pretty nasty when I change them. If I don’t, the pollen and dust will make me miserable.

    I haven’t ever had any luck with squash. I get blossom rot, or the stems split open and rot, or the rats eat them from the inside out. Good luck with yours!


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