Thursday June 10, 2021

I took Colin out around 6 am as usual after he ate his breakfast. He was acting just fine. Unless I have to be somewhere I always go back to bed.

When I woke up later he did not come jump on the bed as usual. I went looking for him and he had gone downstairs to the guest bedroom where I likes to go sometimes.

Long story short I showered and ate breakfast and finally coaxed him upstairs but he continued to not act his usual self so I finally decided to take him to the vet.

Good thing I did. After blood work and scans they saw a tumor in his spleen and what looked like blood. Vet did emergency surgery. Said he had several but thinks they caught this early.

I saw him when I woke up from surgery then came on home. Hopefully if he continues to improve tonight and tomorrow he can come home tomorrow afternoon. I am having the tumor sent off to see if is cancerous.

In the meantime I called Frances and Al to let them know what was going on. Al brought Frances up to stay with me and has gone back home to take care of things in Winston.

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